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Predicting Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona, Biggest European Matches This Weekend

BR - Atletico Madrid's top-of-the-table clash this weekend with FC Barcelona headlines the weekend's biggest domestic fixtures from Europe's major leagues.

The Atleti have no doubt been one of the surprise performers this year. They have seriously challenged the hegemons of Spain in both Barca and Real Madrid, and could move to the top of the table this weekend if they defeat the defending champions.

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Spiewie 3252d ago

I stopped watching 60 minutes in both sides showed nothing special boring game compared to the ones in the PL earlier.

Stringerbell3250d ago

Don't know what game you're talking about but this was a real back and forth. Felt more like a cup final to be honest.

Spiewie 3250d ago

Think you need to watch some EPL raise your expectations a little...

Stringerbell3250d ago

Find me an EPL team that could boss Barcelona around like Atleti did for a full 90 and I will =p .

Scrivlar3250d ago

In reply to your other comment, Atletico did not boss Barca for 90 minutes, they played counter attacking football and had a few opportunities. Deserved a draw as both were pretty equal

Nes_Daze3250d ago

Both teams were just playing it safe, I watch the EPL too and I can recall United and Chelsea playing for ties as well...