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Ronaldo must now be considered an all-time great after second Ballon d'Or win The Portuguese superstar is only the 10th player to become a multiple winner of football’s most prestigious individual prize, and his place in history is now secure

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KingPin3241d ago

CR7 was always destined to be an all-time great of the game.
only the haters and stuck up messi fans would disagree.

Spiewie 3241d ago

Messi is one too though xD

asmith23063241d ago

Even if he had never won it he would be a great in my eyes. Pisses me off when players aren't considered in the greats because they haven't won the world cup, or a ballon d'or, etc.

Nes_Daze3241d ago

I can think of many players that have won a world cup that aren't better than Messi or Ronaldo, Messi haters were content with inventing this rule and also putting Ronaldo to shame as long as Messi wasn't compared to the likes of Pele and Maradona, which he is regardless.

GrizzliS19873240d ago

I am a messi fan who recognizes both players, ranked 1 and 2. I also see Messi in another class from Ronaldo, which will be apparent once he wins the Ballon next year. That will prove Ronaldo, who deserved it this year, won the award not because of how great he was(not disagreeing that he is great), but because of Messis injury.

Argue all you want, but we all know Messi would have racked up at least 10 goals during his injury period, and even if he had only 5 goals would have put him only 6 goals behind Ronaldo, with more assists and a La Liga title, making him the favorite to win it.

Not to mention he got injured during the most crucial time of the voting period, being at the end of the last 2 months where everyone else hurries in to vote last minute.

As many other professional players mentioned before, Ronaldo winning this year does not take away the fact that Messi is still the greatest footballer today, and even history as a whole. Not to mention he still has another 10 years to further his career.

So yes, i also gave my vote to Ronaldo souly on the fact that he carried Portugal to the World Cup and Messi being injured, because agree or not, avoiding injury i also find to be a huge character of a footballer.

But Messi is and always will be The Messi, Greatest of all time.

Call me a fanboy of Messi i dont mind, but more accurately, call me a fanboy of football. You can without regret utter in the same breath the name Messi, Pele, Maradona and Zidane

TechNews3240d ago

dude suck messi off some more..

DangerousDAN3240d ago

Man... dude, you gotta' take it easy.

KingPin3239d ago

calm down there buddy.

messi injury was in the last month of the year...can you please explain in the other 11 months how Ronaldo was ahead of him? you need to understand that nobody can stay on top all the time, if that was the case, Real madrid and manchester united would still be dominating Spanish and English football respectively.

and as for messi being in another class to CR7, when he was injured and got replaced, did you happen to notice how pedro, sanchez, Fabregas, neymar were all playing in his position and were banging in hat-tricks too? imagine if you left them in there all season long? 50 goals would be a breeze as well. im not saying that sanchez and the rest are as good as messi but with messi bringing that extra class its a small wonder how he scores so many goals. doesnt mean he is "better". the barca style of play makes goal scoring easy because the team is 98% balanced. getting that is what every team works towards. finding the right players to balance the team.

and as for your final rush of votes when messi was injured, i guess you didnt see what the independent auditors had to say:
"The ranking of the final three at the end of November is exactly the same as the ranking in mid-November," De Gregorio told reporters. "The only difference is that we had more votes."

you are not a fanboy of football. coz if you were you wouldn't be so biased in your opinions.

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