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Platini: Fifa Have Changed Ballon d'Or For The Worse The Uefa president and former winner of the award believes Franck Ribery's failure to land the 2013 prize proves team success is no longer taken into account for the nominees.

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KingPin3245d ago

funny how platini wasnt so disappointed about how the ballon d'or changed when sneijder won the exact same trebble and walked away empty handed. if he is disappointed now, he shouldve raised this issue 3 years ago. but i guess as long as his fav player was winning all along, he was happy with how it was decided.

Spiewie 3245d ago

That's just the way he is xD

Nes_Daze3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I'm pretty sure he is unfit for his position, this man is at that point in his life where he just speaks his bias and foolishness, uefa need a smarter president. Actually, I was thinking about Blatter when I wrote this, both of these guys are just ridicolous.

Spiewie 3243d ago

Yeah a new president would be pretty awesome xD

sevilha823243d ago

This guy hates the portuguese,and the felling is mutual,it just got worse when he had to see his club from the heart lose a champions league to a portuguese team of unknowned players and a certain Jose Mourinho back in 2004...

pompombrum3243d ago

If Xavi didn't deserve it the year Spain won the world cup, what claim does Ribery have now? I honestly don't watch enough German football to have an accurate opinion of Ribery but the times I've seen him play, he plays with the confidence of someone on top of his game and is an exciting player but Ronaldo, Messi are on a completely different level.