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Highlights: Manchester City 5-0 Blackburn (FA Cup - 3rd Round Replay - 15/01/2014))

1-0 Negredo 45+1'

2-0 Negredo 48'

3-0 Dzeko 67'

4-0 Aguero 73'

5-0 Dzeko 79'

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jak3y13oy2876d ago

99 Goals this season.. incredible..

windblowsagain2875d ago

Actually felt sorry for blackburn.

They had alot of play, moved the ball about well. But had nothing upfront.

City played better second half, and once the goal came it opened the game up.

It's an interesting season this year, cups as well.

MadSientist892874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Dzeko and Nergedo=Dzegedo

listenkids2874d ago

They get their heads together and they could end up with a treble.