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Klopp: Real Madrid would have no chance against Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp says that Real Madrid would have "no chance" of beating Bayern Munich if the pair clash in this season's Champions League.

The 46-year-old coach led Die Schwarzgelben to a 4-3 aggregate win over Los Blancos in the semi-finals of last season's Champions League, only to lose 2-1 to their Bavarian rivals in the tournament decider at Wembley.

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krazykombatant3244d ago

LOL if City beat them after being complacent, I think RM have a very good chance this year in the CL.

Also if we were to face Dortmund Im sure RM would mop the floor with them.

Sahil3243d ago

Just like Dortmund did in the semi finals.

krazykombatant3243d ago

This dormuntd side is not the same from 8 months ago and neither is Madrid.

Jonnyquest3213243d ago

Football is football and anything can happen. It would hardly surprise me if Bayern beat Madrid or the other way around. However Bayern would definitely be favourites going in to the match

KingPin3243d ago

indeed. no better example than the 2010 world cup where Spain, going in as european champions, lost to Switzerland of all teams yet still went on to be crowned world champions.

Scrivlar3243d ago

What a silly thing to say. A game with 2 teams that good is completely unpredictable, I like Klopp, But he's made himself look stupid with this one.

Jonnyquest3213242d ago

Klopp's a smart guy, for all we know he's probably thinking that Dortmund have more chance to beat Madrid (as they did comfortably last year) than they have of beating Bayern, so maybe he's trying to give Madrid a reason to try extra hard to try and get rid of Bayern. I can't remember if it's possible for Madrid and Bayern to face each other before the final

redknight803243d ago

I would agree that Bayern would win over the two fixtures...but oh man, too many things can happen in football to say some team has "no chance". Too many crazy/controversial/nail biting moments happen in Champions League football to say any one team has no chance against another. Last year's Dortmund vs Malaga match comes to mind of some crazy things that can happen at the end of a game.