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MaximusPrime_3239d ago

i predicted 3-0 to Chelsea, but hey game finished 3-1 to Chelsea. Well-played and kudos to Eto'o for his hat-trick

jak3y13oy3239d ago

Was quite unlucky at the start there, Utd started quick and more likely to score until Eto'o scored! :/

I think the problem was having Januzaj as the No 10, it didn't work last time so Moyes switched Kagawa and him around and we did better, tbh Hernandez should of been on where Januzaj was and Januzaj where Young was! So many times the ball went into the box and nobody was there and if Hernandez was on he would of been there!

But hey ho, wasn't expecting to win.. maybe a draw but weren't expecting a Chelsea striker to score! let alone a hat trick ;)

We will have to go for that 4th spot though! (Hopefully!)

asmith23063239d ago

Utd are a shadow of their former selves. The defending was rubbish today. Need investment right through the squad. If Rooney and/or RvP leaves they are completely screwed.

Jonnyquest3213239d ago

Moyes I don't think is good enough, I mean to start Young and Jones who were both just back from injury over Kagawa (who had his best match vs Swansea last week) and Fletcher who has been excellent was just idiotic, I wouldn't play a fully fit Ashley Young let alone one back from injury. As it was, Jones' mistake led to the first goal and it was all downhill from there. They need signings but tbh who would go to Utd now? which top player could they get (that wouldn't be enticed more by a PSG or Madrid)

On the other hand, RVP and Rooney have started 8 games together, winning 6 and drawing 2 so maybe Moyes has been a bit unlucky as well.

As it stands Everton, Spurs and Liverpool are playing way better than Utd but to be fair Utd are only 6 points off 4th place so it's hardly an impossible task

windblowsagain3239d ago

Utd missed strikers.

First goal was deflection.

Wellbeck is a second rate player.

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