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Ronaldo did not win anything & does not deserve Ballon d'Or, says Ribery Bayern Munich star Franck Ribery has slammed the outcome of the 2013 Fifa Ballon d'Or and feels Real Madrid attacker Cristiano Ronaldo did not deserve to win the award as the Portugal international did not collect any trophies last year.

Ribery initially reacted calmly after last week's Fifa gala in Zurich as he had to settle for third spot in the election behind Ronaldo and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, stating that the prestigious individual award was not one of his goals.

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abzdine3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

STFU Ribery, what did he do more than any player from Bayern? of course it's about individual stats and Ronaldo puts him to shame.

yezz3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Ballon d'Or is an award for the best PLAYER in the world, not the best team..

I think Ronaldo ensured the trophy with his ridiculous performances against Sweden that took his country to Brazil. Can't see Ribery doing that kind of stuff even though he's a great player.

pompombrum3242d ago

Too true, it's an award for the best player and that Ribery is not. Everytime I watch Ribery I see a player who is obviously very talented but he's not even on the same level as the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. In fact, he's not even top 5.

asmith23063242d ago

Still can't understand why people rave about his goals against Sweden. He scores goals all the time and, it's Sweden. Solid opposition!

Upbeat3242d ago

Personally I cant believe Suarez didn't get into the last 3. Am I alone on this ?

yezz3242d ago

I'm quite sure he could've been there but he screwed his chances with the biting incident. He missed the last games and therefore didn't even win the premier league golden boot..

But he is definitely there if we are looking at this season only! Hopefully he keeps his remarkable form till the end..

The_Devil_Hunter3241d ago

I don't like Suarez but he's such a great player.

Jonnyquest3213241d ago

That would be from this season only, Suarez was great last year but nowhere near the level he's at now- He's outscoring even Ronaldo, assisting more and doesn't even take penalties.

KingPin3241d ago

ribery is crying about not winning the Ballon D'or, he should be more worried about finishing third behind an injured messi who missed some big games for barca.

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