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A statue of Messi at Camp Nou? We'll think about it', says Rosell

Sandro Rosell says he likes the idea of building a statue of Barcelona icon Lionel Messi at a proposed new Camp Nou stadium and claims he and the Blaugrana board will consider the initiative.

The Barca president and three other members of the board held a press conference on Monday to unveil plans for a spectacular new stadium, which would be built at a cost of €600 million on the current Camp Nou site and will be put to a referendum vote for socios in early April.

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neoragex3233d ago

Don't think they shud be talking it about, he's still playing.

Stringerbell3233d ago

Agreed waaayyy to early to even ring this up.

Sahil3232d ago

He deserves one in the future maybe, now's not the time man.

Angerfist3232d ago

Building a 600 Million Stadium in a country with 30% Unemployment. and they blamed Real for payying 90 for Bale because it was unethical. Nou Camp is a legendary Stadium and Barca should just stay there.

asmith23063231d ago

Well Ronaldo made a museum in honour of himself, so I think it's only fair Messi gets a statue. Maybe he should just pay for it himself.