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Debate: Who Is The Best Central Midfielder In The World? After Arturo Vidal boasted that he was the greatest player on the planet in his position, five Goal writers debate who really is the No.1 in the middle of the park.

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Gamer19823038d ago

Not just because hes a City player but Yaya Toure for me... Right now he scares the life out of defenders and can get you that winning goal you need to seal up a game. Hes not the best defensively but what he lacks in defense he more than makes up for in attack and this year he is outperforming his own level.

krazykombatant3038d ago

lol this article has no mention of Xabi Alonson, Modric, Ozil, Pirlo.....

Stringerbell3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Its a article such glaring mistakes and sensationalism are expected...

asmith23063038d ago

Right now it is hard to call, but for the last few seasons I have to say Pirlo. The guy is old by football standards but my god he can still play. He went back to the Pirlo of old when he left Milan for Juve.