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'Germany Have Better Chance Of Winning World Cup Than Spain,' Claims Matthaus The former Inter midfielder does not believe that La Roja are as "overwhelming" or "stable as they once were, arguing that Die Mannschaft and hosts Brazil are the favourites.

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krazykombatant3231d ago

No european has won in south american soil, and I'm willing to bet that record will hold. I like the germans I just see the home advantage the south americans have as too good.

Spiewie 3231d ago

Yeah the South American teams have a huge advantage.

KingPin3231d ago

well you cant really say that.
i mean its like going into 2010 world cup saying "Spain never ever won a world cup before. im sure that record will stay."
there is a first time for everything.

Spiewie 3231d ago

Yeah but it's unlikely xD