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Classy touch: Juan Mata’s heartfelt letter to Chelsea fans

NBC Sports: Chelsea fans will probably still work up a good, healthy dislike for Juan Mata; they are inclined to dislike all things Manchester United, you know? And Mata is bound for Old Trafford in the biggest transfer so far in the ongoing January window.

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imtiyaz63127d ago

United will surely make top 4 now. I'm just so confused... Mata was Chelsea's player of the year two years in a row! WTF happened ?! Why would they sell him to United even after United refused to sell them Rooney in the first place? I think it's one of Mou's clever little ploys to increase the chances of United taking points off City and Arsenal. Now that Chelsea have already faced United twice, it's not gonna matter to them who United get. But what about next season? You just don't sell players of Mata's class to a rival. Hopefully, this decision won't come back to bite Chelsea in the ass, like it did for us last year.

krazykombatant3127d ago

I'm guessing Mou is banking on United taking some points from the top sides but struggling enough to miss out on the top 4.

I still struggle to see them making it to the top 4, they have to hope that Liverpool, Spurs and Everton all screw up. I don't see it happening.

fOrlOnhOpe573127d ago

I would be very suprised if Mata gets anything less than an appreciative welcome on his first visit back to the Bridge, with United. A classy footballer and a classy guy.

Stringerbell3125d ago

Yeah he could have left in a bitter mood especially since he's been rotting on the bench. But he handled his move rather well.