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Arsene Wenger: Arsenal manager 'will extend stay' at Emirates

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is to extend his contract with the Gunners, according to chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

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Stringerbell3126d ago

If only other managers were afforded such stability to enact their vision.

krazykombatant3125d ago

which vision is that top 4 every 8 years but no profits????

He got lucky with this season in which they weren't even expected to finish in the top 4.

Stringerbell3125d ago

I was being a tad sarcastic myself. But the trust the owners have in him, I cant think of any other club that would remain under the same leadership for so long. Unless they were winning loads of trophies.

Sandmano3121d ago

hes brining in the money so why not?