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Bundesliga Announces Record Profits The German top flight is celebrating a ninth successive annual turnover record, breaking all previous highs in 2012-13.

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Stringerbell3124d ago

The way the Bundesliga and subsequent clubs are run, is a model for the world. Good on them.

Spiewie 3124d ago

It's just Bayern buying out the competition to be honest...

Stringerbell3124d ago

I'm talking about the wages of the players, affordable tickets, supporters having a say in the way things are run (which makes for a much more vibrant atmosphere). A club in England that isn't in massive debt is the exception. Or rather one that isn't chock full of foreign players. One could argue the more English players a Prem team has the worse off it is. It's the opposite in Germany.

krazykombatant3124d ago

ACtually the english would love to have teams filled with born and bred English players and I remember way back fifa wanted to have it that way that leagues would be required to keep a certain amount of domestic players in the league but such is not the case.

Germany has produced a great amount of footballers but that doesn't take away from the fact there are plenty of foreign players in the league.

In terms of wages/tickets etc... well different way to do business everywhere.

Sandmano3122d ago

they do have highest fan attendance results in europe