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The World Cup has turned into a travelling circus with no soul and FIFA should have seen it coming

Back in 1994, it was really quite simple. Groups A and B played in Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Groups C and D in Chicago, Dallas and Boston and Groups E and F in New Jersey, Washington and Orlando.
Teams and visitors to the World Cup had a base and a straightforward, manageable travel plan. They could hit a coast, or the mid-west, pitch camp there and take the odd flight. America was a vast country in which to hold a football tournament, but considerate organisation took the supporters’ interests to heart.

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Sandmano3229d ago

Its the way things are done the tournament always has problems before the start, controversy ensues and it all just builds hype.

Stringerbell3229d ago

Hmm considering these points, the WC in Qatar may just end up being good. Since it's a small country getting around it wont be a problem. Since its mega wealthy, we shouldnt see problems in the building of stadiums. Imo it should have been held in Turkey. It's technically the Middle East minus the Mordor like weather. Also the Turkish league is leaps and bounds beyond the Qatari Stars League. Then there's already the fact that the infrastructure is already there.

Sandmano3229d ago

lol, the qatari stars league is rubish its where players go to retire. Turkey is in Europe and culture wise their very different.

Qatar is doing everything it can to make the world cup successful.

The development of the country is revolving around the WC. Their new metro system is an example, train stops are going to be made in stadiums. whole new towns are being made.

Like you said mega wealthy Qatar is going to be pretty darn developed come the WC.

The weather is perfect during the winter here, summer? Forget about it...

Stringerbell3229d ago

Interesting to hear whats going on from someone who is actually there. I follow the leagues in Qatar and the UAE from time to time. For instance I keep tabs on Al Sadd as they have one of my favorite players (Mamadou Niang).

yezz3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

But it's just an obnoxious thought that the World Cup would be played in winter. The ridiculous amount of deaths during the construction work doesn't help me like this whole Qatar thing either..

TheSaint3228d ago

the USA wanted to change the '94 WC to have quarters. Please don't ever use this tournament as an example of how it's done.