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See Gareth Bale on the end of painful groin tackle in Real Madrid against Grenada

The world's most expensive player was caught in the tender regions with a wild swipe on Saturday afternoon but battled on as Los Blancos won 2-0

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Sandmano3227d ago

looked painful but zurprised he got sidelined.

krazykombatant3227d ago

jesus that looks awful, guy should have been carded or something.

Sandmano3227d ago

cheap move he didnt even apologize.

Stringerbell3227d ago

Yikes! That was painful to watch =/

Neurotoxin3224d ago

Ironic, thats how every Spurs fan felt at the end of the 2013 summer transfer window.

SniperControl3224d ago

I could watch that all day, puts a smile on my face.

"North London will always be red!!"