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Madrid Rule Out 'Coca-Cola Bernabeu' But Could Strike Microsoft Deal The Spanish side will present plans for the €400 million renovation of their stadium on Friday, with around half of the total outlay to be funded by naming rights.

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Spiewie 2826d ago

The red stadium looks pretty damn awesome xD

Stringerbell2826d ago

Ugh I hate when a company gets their name on a stadium it becomes soulless. Practically all stadiums in America have a company name. Pet Co park, Tropicana Field, Home Depot whatever, it's gross!

kulka2826d ago

Yeah if you get a sponsor name then atleast make it good eg The Emirates.

Spiewie 2826d ago

Yeah, but after all it's all about the money. Kinda unfortunate.

Sandmano2826d ago

well they agreed to it today so :/