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Adnan Januzaj Reportedly Confirms He Wants To Play For England

BR: Adnan Januzaj looks set to commit his international future to England, according to reports.

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Spiewie 2581d ago

Now that would be something. It wouldn't take too long if he really wants to play for them xD

krazykombatant2580d ago

what's wrong with that, better chance (by fractions) to win the world cup with England than Belgium.

Stringerbell2580d ago

He isn't English in the slightest.

Spiewie 2580d ago

Belgium is actually quite a strong team right now.
Mignolet, Courtois, Kompany, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Van Buyten, Hazard, Mirallas, Benteke, Lukaku and Januzaj himself. Pretty strong right xD

krazykombatant2580d ago

I don't see the issue, he can become an englishman due to having access to both nationalities.

Spiewie 2580d ago

Yeah sure he lives in England right now the doors are open for him.

Vojkan2577d ago

I agree. Playing for a NATIONAL TEAM is not the same as playing for a club.
Plus every player should be forced to sing national anthem at least one per year. Than I can respect if it is not your thing to sing it every time. I wouldn't do it every time my self. But if you want to play for a national team, you have to sing it at least once to show your loyalty. If you don't like text, then don't play. imo