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Highlights: Manchester City 0 : 1 Chelsea (EPL - 03/02/14)


Ivanovic (32') 0-1

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sokrates3226d ago

Mourinho is back! I hate to Admit that one Of the few Happy moments Of this season is when city or Liverpool looses...

asmith23063226d ago

City have been riding their luck for a while now. I am glad Chelsea smashed them. Only 1-0 but could have been 3 or 4. Mourinho really is a tactical genius.

sokrates3226d ago

He is a genius. I can't agree that city has been riding luck. Truth is that they have been amazing. That's whats pisses me off... All the billions they spend in that club is paying off

b163o13226d ago

It is, but it's just not just in the EPL. They've invested a lot in our development program as well, and we've had a few EDS players make a few appearances this season so it's paying off on and off the pitch.

S/N The raced or the top spot intensifies, this is why I watch the EPL!!

Spiewie 3226d ago

It was one of the most entertaining matches in a while great effort from both teams.

goku323593226d ago

Great result! I was really impressed by all our players, but Matic stood out. He absolutely commanded the midfield. I couldn't even notice that this was one of his first starts for us tbh

sokrates3226d ago

Agreed! The result is good for keeping the league tight as well...

Spiewie 3226d ago

What about Hazard creating chances left right and centre xD

goku323593226d ago

Haha, Hazard too, of course. He's been consistently amazing for us. I can definitely see Hazard winning the PFA young player of the year.

Dark113226d ago

Well done Mou , well done team!

KennersEd3226d ago

Gotta say City were a huge dissapointment, City played crap and well Chelsea just had the edge...

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The story is too old to be commented.