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Transfer News – Could Van Persie make a shock return?

The January transfer window may be over but that won’t stop the rumour mills from looking ahead to another summer of frenzied activity. Already we have some eye catching suggestions but could there be any truth in the rumour that Robin van Persie will be heading back to Arsenal?

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Stringerbell3026d ago

Well you never know, many people said the same thing about his move to United in the first place.

b163o13026d ago

Yeah, he could. Abandon ship is probably his thought process. No chance in playing in the CL, not a chance in winning the title, inconsistent form, this is not why he came to united. SAF has left them scratching there heads with no where to turn. At lease with Wenger he knew he'd be in the CL. Mata is a great addition, but it's not gonna fix there problems. So yeah I'd say there is a chance he'd leave, but hey I'm just City fan what do I know s/

CTID!! (•_•)

windblowsagain3025d ago

I don't want him back.

Traitor much.

he left when arsenal needed him, and if he wants to come back, just because we are

No thanks.