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Highlights: Champions League - Barcelona 2-0 Manchester City 18/2/14

Messi 54′ (pen)
Dani Alves 90′

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RGB3148d ago

Should have been 4-0 at least! Handball penalty missed in the 1st half and Pique goal through Cesc's pass was perfectly onside!

Spanish football showing English football teams and fans how it's done... LOVE IT!!!

Nes_Daze3148d ago

Thank you for mentioning those 2 plays, people were quick to blame the ref immediately when that penalty was called.

Defensively Barca played very well, they were careful in not giving away corner kicks and free kicks, knowing they are very weak in that area. Alves was great, Pique did pretty good as well. With exception of Negredo's chance and Silva's in the second half, City really didn't look as dangerous in attack as I expected.

Jonnyquest3213148d ago

Really? Not a Barca or City fan but it seemed clear to me that with Aguero City most likely would have won this match. Hell they created more chances against Barca than they did against Chelsea. Barca played decent, but compared to their own high standards this was anything but a vintage performance. Hardly 'showing English teams how its done' at all.

SpringHeeledJack3148d ago

English football?? was there even any english players playing. EPL is a joke it being english is long over and nothing will change unless government do something.

listenkids3147d ago

If Aguero and Nastasic are fit, Barca will struggle, fact. Even I know that, as a United supporter.

As for your other arguments, I'd like to logically counter them. Cesc was onside, 1 goal. Navas was fouled prior to the red card tackle on Messi, therefore no penalty or red card in ideal scenarios ( incidentally Messi was fouled outside the box ) still 1-0, given now there is a full half to be played with 11 men, I guarantee it wouldn't have been 2-0.

Stop being so blind, kid.

RGB3147d ago

1. Handball penalty missed in 1st half. 1-0 Barca.

2.1. Navas went down theatrically, universally accepted by British Media; BBC, ITV, Sky, etc.

2.2. Red Card Penalty. 2-0 Barca. Dermot Gallagher and Graham Poll (former #1 EPL referees) both said penalty could have been given on BBC Radio 5 Live.

3. Pique goal from Cesc onside pass. 3-0 Barca.

4. Alves goal. 4-0 Barca!

FYI, not so blind... Kid!

yezz3147d ago

Navas was not fouled..

Barca wasn't very dangerous in this game because they played with a very odd formation. There were no one on the left side attacking because Iniesta was basically just a 4th midfield player. When that left side attacker Nyemar came on he replaced Alexis on the right side and yet again the left side was completely useless.. I think Barca will be much more effective when there are two real wingers/attackers on.

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asmith23063148d ago

Demichelis is a disaster. Any team who has him at centre half is doomed to fail if you ask me. Everytime he touched the ball he gave it away. Everytime he didn't touch the ball he took out Messi and got a red card. Well done Martin. I actually thought City were coming into the game and it could have gone either way up until that point.

KingPin3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

that penalty

what the ref and barca fans seen


asmith23063148d ago

In real time it looked a stone wall penalty. The refs don't have the benefit of video replays as they should. I would blame the stupidity of the tackle, not the ref.

redknight803148d ago

haha, that pic #2 was pretty good :D cheers!

Nes_Daze3147d ago

So what about t he handball and  offside call?? LOL

KingPin3147d ago

barca deserved to win the game. no complaints there bro. just the penalty decision was awful. anyone who thinks barca still aren't favorites to win the UCL must be on meth. :)

windblowsagain3147d ago

Know how city feel.

Arsenal sending off, robin's foot could not have been any higher with studs showing. Was not a pen. Not in a million.

Strange both city and arsenal down to 10. and both lose 2-0.

Nes_Daze3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

It's nobody's..fa ult that arsenal..are  inconsistent.

listenkids3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

@RGB Nice try kid, but you miss the point. Even with a red, it was outside the box, they wouldn't have scored. Accidental handball impossible to give, should have resulted in a direct free kick, not a penalty (you'd understand if you'd watched more than a year of football). Enjoy your defeat next time, if not by City, I expect another rape fest by Bayern as they laugh at your pathetic Spanish "football".

RGB3146d ago

Wouldn't have scored? I need your mystical powers!

"Accidental handball"? Really kid! It was well up away from his side, stonewall penalty as was in box and universally accepted too.

"if you'd watched more than a year of football" I've been on this site nearly 4 years! LOL

"Enjoy your defeat next time, if not by City" I don't even support Barca LMAO! I support Madrid and have for 12 years... Congrats! hahaha

"pathetic Spanish football"...

Champions League Semi-finalists since 1992;
La Liga: 21 times with 5 teams.
Premier League: 18 times with 5 teams.

UEFA Cup / Europa League Semi-finalists 1992;
La Liga: 17 times with 10 teams.
Premier League: 8 times with 7 teams.

6 Champions League Titles between 2 La Liga teams; Barca (3) and Madrid (3) since 1992.

4 Champions League Titles between 3 Premier League teams; Chelsea (1), Liverpool (1) and Man United (2) since 1992.

5 UEFA Cup / Europa League Titles between 3 La Liga teams; Atlético Madrid (2), Sevilla (2) and Valencia (1) since 1992.

2 UEFA Cup / Europa League Titles between 2 Premier League teams; Chelsea (1) and Liverpool (1) since 1992.

8 UEFA Super Cup Titles between 5 La Liga teams; Atlético Madrid (2), Barca (3), Real (1), Sevilla (1) and Valencia (1) since 1992.

3 UEFA Super Cup Titles between 2 Premier League teams; Chelsea (1) and Liverpool (2).

That "pathetic" English football! :D

listenkids3146d ago

12 years a football fan haha, explains it all. You have no idea what a real league looks like, 3 decent teams, you're hardly above the likes of the Scottish league. As for your money argument elsewhere, you support real mafuckingdrid, they have debt coming out of their players far relations arseholes. "congrats" kid.

yezz3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Wow.. Listenkids you're being very biased. It's impossible to tell if the Messi situation is in or out of the box when seeing it live. And how do you know that they would've not scored the possible free kick.

"Accidental handball impossible to give, should have resulted in a direct free kick, not a penalty (you'd understand if you'd watched more than a year of football)."

What the hell are you talking about there?

This spanish "football" has won euro 2008, wc 2010 and euro 2012 consecutively so whatever you say, it has been effective.. At least spanish teams have loads of spanish players playing while ManCity had three english players in their whole squad on tuesday.

RGB3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

"12 years a football fan" - So you got that assumption because I've support Madrid for 12 years? Are you really that thick?!

21 Premier League seasons (since 1993), United has won 13 of them.
21 seasons of La Liga (since 1993), Barca has 10, a better ratio.

Before Chelsea and Man City's sugar daddy money, only 3 winners of the league... Oppose to 5 in La Liga on merit!

How long you been watching football again?!

As for Madrid...
Purchases in cost since 2009, £486.14 million.
Players sold since 2009, £213.275 million.
Club Revenues since 2009, £1,608.37 million.
Total Profit since 2009, £100.27 million. Madrid haven't made a loss for over a decade.

Nice try kid, Madrid have £74.12 million debt only, unlike English clubs nearing £200+ million!