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Highlights: Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich (UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 - 1st Leg - 19/02/2014)

0-1 Kroos 54'

0-2 Muller 88'

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Sandmano3140d ago

great performance by bayern

asmith23063139d ago

Hardly a great performance given they were up against 10 from 40mins onwards and Arsenal were dominate for the first half hour.

Sandmano3139d ago

haha what a lame excuse 10 men should not be that much of a deal, or at least not as bad as it was after the red card. The whole second half was played in arsenals half you cant blame that on the red card.

asmith23063138d ago

That is the most stupid I have heard in a while. Do you even watch football? They were down to 10 men against the European champions, and arguably the best team in the world. Get a grip.

krazykombatant3140d ago

Didn't watch this match, but the result seemed to be as expected.

KingPin3139d ago

once again an english team going down because of a red card that shouldnt have been.
penalty, yes. red card, no. mostly coz even if robben wasnt taken down, he wouldnt have gotten to the ball in time to score a goal. so for that reason you cannot give a red card to the goalie, you can award the penalty though.

oh well, werent expecting arsenal to win or draw but i didnt think they would be playing with 10 men for the most part. well done to bayern though, they were the better team even when it was 11 v 11 aside from the first 10 minutes.

asmith23063139d ago

While I don't agree with it, it was a red. Robben controlled that ball really well and he would have gotten to it, he is so quick.

The rule itself pisses me off. If it's a red for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity in the box, then a yellow and a penalty should suffice as you immediately get your goalscoring opportunity back. If it is outside the box where no penalty can be awarded then it should be red.

These reds + penalties ruin great games of football if you ask me. Soon as the decision is given what is the point in watching as it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that one side will dominate from then on in.

Jonnyquest3213139d ago

Arsenal got what they deserved simply because they didn't take their chances, for around 30 minutes they were all over Bayern but didn't score and missed a penalty. If you don't score when you are on top, you wont score once the other team takes over and you definitely wont if you have a man sent off. Imo definite red, forget the last man/clear goal bullshit he damn could have broke Robben's leg as it was the standing leg he took out. Having said all this it really surprised me just how much Arsenal dominated Bayern in the first half hour, that's some sort of positive for them I guess because I haven't seen any other team do that bar Dortmund, and that was a couple of years ago. P.s Ozil taking penalties, what a joke.

mmj3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I'm hoping to see an English team finish a Champions League tie with 11 men one of these days. I guess it'll happen 2nd legs now that the damage is already done.

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