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Highlights: Schalke 04 1-6 Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League - 1st Leg - 26/02/2014)

0-1 Benzema 13'

0-2 Bale 21'

0-3 Cristiano Ronaldo 52'

0-4 Benzema 57'

0-5 Bale 69'

0-6 Cristiano Ronaldo 89'

1-6 Huntelaar 90+1'

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Sandmano3199d ago

huntelaars goal must be the goal of he season in the CL

krazykombatant3199d ago


That goal at the end grrrr great striking.

This real madrid team is running on all cylinders, only thing standing in the way for the treble is Bayern Munich.

theshredded3199d ago

And Dortmund,Barcelona,Juventus & Athletico Madrid

jak3y13oy3198d ago

don't forget Man United... :S

RGB3199d ago

Casillas had a brilliant game yet again, never stopping Huntelaar's strike though.

Ronaldo not even looking on top of his game, and yet 2 goals and an assist. Could have easily had 4 tonight.

Bale getting better and better, finally proving his transfer price tag.

Overall, very happy! :D

Nes_Daze3199d ago

Damn, I wasn't expecting Madrid to beat Schalke by that much. If Madrid aren't in the finals this year I'll be very surprised, unless they meet Bayern before then...

asmith23063198d ago

Schalke are 21 points behind Bayern in the league. I wouldn't look into this too much. Some great goals as a result of woeful defending.

Ninjamonkey823199d ago

Marid where class but god damn Huntelaar's goal that was something special. Goal off the game tbh.

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