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Highlights: Atletico Madrid 2 - 2 Real Madrid (02/03/14)


Benzema (3')
Koke (28')
Fernández (45')
Ronaldo (82')

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asmith23062786d ago

Yeah great game. Gotta say, Pepe makes me ill though. His diving and playacting is second to none. Maybe Busquets...

krazykombatant2786d ago

There was playacting and diving all over this game. absolute sham.

Zefros2786d ago

And so was Diego costa, his diving was the worst. EACH time he got inside the penalty area he dived.

yezz2786d ago

That Pepe incident was one of the most unsportsmanlike things I have ever seen.. Basic diving doesn't even come close to that! He should've gotten a red card and some match bans for that crap. Disgrace!

krazykombatant2786d ago

Real Madrid were lucky to get away with a tie.

Di Maria was innefective and was chasing the ball half the time after he would lose possession.

Jesse should have played over Bale.

Isco gave a very good breath to the team.

Zefros2786d ago

Di maria should have been benched, but i think ancelotti made a huge mistake in letting Arbeloa and Coentrao start. They have barely played and he lets them star in a important game like this? it's stupid.

Isco changed the game. the ref was the biggest idiot in the game.

Jonnyquest3212786d ago

Agree Ancelotti got it totally wrong but at least he rectified his mistakes and ended up with the draw. Isco and Marcelo definitely changed the game with their direct dribbling.
I wouldn't even blame the ref, what can he do in a match like that? constant diving from just about everyone, hell he got a Costa dive decision right and someone from the Athletico bench tried to run on to the pitch to fight him!

RGB2786d ago

Time for Madrid to dump Lopez, he should be doing better with both goals! Fair result though.

krazykombatant2785d ago

i doubt that will happen. but i know spanish papers will be demanding it.