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UEFA Champions League :Bayern Munchen:1-1 Arsenal 11/3/14

Schweinsteiger 54′
Podolski 57′

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asmith23062550d ago

Always an uphill battle. Can focus on the league and FA Cup now. No one expected them to get through Bayern.

krazykombatant2550d ago

What a boring match, Arsenal were rubbish and bayern weren't too special. Once again arsenal are missing a great striker. Ozil looks worn out.

Nes_Daze2550d ago

I thought it was just me, very boring match indeed, but I loved how Podolski just pushed Lahm out of the way and rocketed that ball up the net.

mafiahajeri2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Him and chamberlain were the only ones that were trying...

Lol, it's almost like neuer was scared xD

redknight802550d ago

Yeah that goal was pretty awesome! His placement on the shot was so spot on too from a difficult angle :) At least it gave the match a bit of injection...but yeah overall, pretty boring. And what was with Martinez falling down at every touch? That got on my nerves.

Sandmano2550d ago

Giroud is the worst striker in the world, useless bastard...

silvacrest2550d ago

my vote still goes to torres for costing as much as he has and only scoring 19 league goals since 2011, truly abysmal, in comparison hazard has scored 15 goals this season and hes not even a striker

Jonnyquest3212550d ago

The difference is Torres was amazing and was ruined by injury, Giroud is just crap. I seriously believe if they had a top level striker they would actually win something

yezz2549d ago


Yup. If they can grab a striker that can run and penetrate defenses, Arsenal could be a tough team to beat next season.

Stringerbell2549d ago

All those accolades he's received for being at best mediocre. I'll always look back fondly on his Liverpool days though, what a beat he was!

KingPin2550d ago

Wenger had a plan for a top striker, then said striker decided to go to Manchester united and win the league instead.

asmith23062550d ago

That's all he will win lol!

yezz2549d ago

Giroud can be good against bad or decent teams when you get a lot of chances from the wings but when it comes to these big clubs he can't do s*it... He is not the worst striker out there but definitely not good enough for Arsenal.

mmj2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

You can tell that Bayern are now a Guardiola side, all of the diving and trying to get opposition players sent off was a trademark tactic of Barcelona under him.

If it was the Premier League Robben wouldn't be getting free kicks from idiot refs, he'd be getting yellow cards for blatant diving.

asmith23062550d ago

Yeah I agree. I have a feeling Pep tells his players to play act. Respect lost.

listenkids2550d ago

It's always sad to see a CL match where one team misses key players to even attempt a come back.

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