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UEFA Champions League: Barcelona 2-1 Manchester City 12/3/14

Messi 67′
Kompany 89'
Alves 90 +1'

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Nes_Daze3187d ago

The linesman was wrong twice, although the second time the ref bothered to actually call the goal valid for City as opposed to Barca's first disallowed goal. But hey, I didn't see City as strong as they should've been, on both matches.

Nonetheless I liked the match, I liked the formation Tata put up, Fabregas was a bit poor, and it was unfortunate that Aguero couldn't keep playing because of his injury.

yezz3186d ago

I liked the formation too. Neymar got to play in a more natural position and Messi didn't fall too back. But there was space wasted on the wings while Pedro AND Alexis are sitting on the bench.. Those two are the guys who also keep the high and agressive pressure up.

It's really hard to put on a formation that benefits all these great players :S

krazykombatant3187d ago

Sh!t playcalling from the refs. Either way it was going to be tough for City to get 3 goals.

Sandmano3187d ago

What a shit ref, and lescott didn't help either.

KingPin3187d ago

this ref shouldn't be allowed to ref big matches ever again.
but it wasn't only him, the lineman were poor as well.
clear as day calls and he gets them wrong...that is just unacceptable.
barca going through was expected so no change to the result but still, if it was a close game which we will get in quaters/semis then decisions like this decide the game.

mmj3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Boring match, there was only about 30mins of football, the rest of the time was Barcelona players on the floor and the referee instantly awarding a freekick.

No doubt Barcelona deserved to go through though, City are in poor form at the moment and having a player sent off in each leg doesn't help.

Nes_Daze3186d ago

Honestly, I think the ref was pretty good with fouls, the first several fouls that City players made he didn't pull out any yellows, Messi was held back by a City defender, when he could've gone straight through, and he didn't get a yellow. Fernandinho deserved his yellow after several fouls, so did the rest of the defenders, and I think Zabaleta kicked Iniesta in the stomach, no intentional of course but still a bad foul. Another Barca player was elbowed in the face.

I think the real flop fest was Bayern against Arsenal.

asmith23063186d ago

Didn't expect City to go through. What is the deal with these European refs who give a free kick at the slightest touch?

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