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Highlights: Manchester United 3-0 Olympiakos (Agg 3-2) (UEFA Champions League - 19/03/14)

1-0 van Persie (pen) 25'

2-0 van Persie 45'+1'

3-0 van Persie 52'

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jak3y13oy3185d ago

What a result!

A much better performance from us!

Hopefully we can carry this on!

Ala United!
woops wrong one! ;)

Glory Glory Man United! :D

KingPin3185d ago

great result.

good pressuring. thats what they need to do more often. sat back a bit in the second half. but at least there was more tactics than cross to the box and pray something happens.

for me rooney was man of the match. he was beasting all over the place. RVP had a good game as well.

good game to watch. entertaining to watch this comeback.

asmith23063185d ago

Must have been a glitch in the matrix. Will be back to normal next round.

listenkids3185d ago

Good game, tense. Pray God we get a Lewa down BVB next.

TheSaint3184d ago

So win one relatively easy game and everything is back on track? Ok.

Also this just means that Moyes will be there even longer, that's a win for every other football fan in the country.

listenkids3184d ago

Nothing is fixed and won't be. Winning such a team should have been the equivalent of Reals first leg with Schalke.

RVP getting overly praised, yeah I love what he did, but he's far from in form, a penalty, a tap in and an inept goalkeeping free kick don't make a man what he was.

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