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Highlights: West Ham United 0 : 2 Manchester United English Premier League 22/03/14


Rooney (8')

Rooney (33')

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Spiewie 2764d ago

The curve on Rooney's shot haha what a flop from the gk.

KingPin2764d ago

wow, never thought we been in touching distance of 5th place. guess with 8 more matches left united could make a dash for the europa league. still not the great finish we come to expect but compared to how disastrous its been all season, this is some consolation.

krazykombatant2764d ago

It'd be tough but I think united can do it and with some luck. It'd probably be the best solution instead of crashing out of europe altogether.

Spiewie 2763d ago

I'd be extremely happy if they got into the Europa. Sure Liverpool were in it recently.

Nes_Daze2764d ago

since we're talking about ManU making it to the Europa league, would be funny to see united face the UCL winner in the Supercup and win, giving that united win the europa league of course.

Ninjamonkey822763d ago

Keeper took his eye off the ball never do that as a keeper unless your view is blocked cost him there. Great goal Rooney never looked up instinct ftw.

Spiewie 2763d ago

Beckham's reaction was priceless haha xD great goal.

asmith23062763d ago

City will destroy them on Tuesday. Can't wait.

Spiewie 2763d ago

It will be a massacre...