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Bundesliga: Goal-line technology plan rejected by clubs

The German league will not be bringing in goal-line technology, following a vote of teams in the top two divisions.

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asmith23063111d ago

So the teams voted against it? What logic is there in that.

yezz3110d ago

Probably the cost... Some smaller teams must think it's too expensive.

KingPin3111d ago

well thats good. pointless spending millions to catch one rare goal which happens once in a blue moon anyways.

besides, if its goal line tech then why not add pentalty line checking as well. Madrid penalty against Barca and Barca penalty against Man city are two recent cases.

then lets bring in tech to see if players are touched when going down. cricket has similar tech to see if the ball hit the bat or pad.

then when all this tech is installed, lets stop the game for 5 mins to do replays and make sure of all decisions. there will go all the debating points that people have about soccer. how many people you know discuss cricket as much with all their fancy tech.

leave the sport as it is. human error is part of the game. we whine and celebrate (depending who you support and which direction the decision went) when refs/linesman makes mistakes. its part of the game.

2pacalypsenow3110d ago

That one goal could mean a cup win

asmith23063110d ago

Exactly. Whatever about anything else, but a goal is a goal, and it shouldn't be given or not given due to human error.

yezz3110d ago

Like 2pacalypsenow said the one goal could be the most important.

The "human error is part of the game" is complete BS in my opinion. Why are you bringing other cameras up. People are not asking everything to be checked, just goals that are the most important thing in the game. The match doesn't even have to be stopped since the referee gets a sign to his watch that tells if the ball went in.

There is NO downsides from goal line technology besides the current cost!

KingPin3110d ago

im bringing other cameras up because say we have goal like tech, what if an offside call that would lead to a one-on-one with the keeper is the decision that could decide a cup win? will you people start crying then? or what if a penalty decision is something that important and the ref gets it wrong? then what? that goal line tech isnt of any use now is it?

how many incorrect offside calls and incorrect penalty decisions have you seen compared to goal line goals incorrectly given? now you think its worth spending millions on goal line tech?

people will just be pushing for other cameras later much like you guys are pushing for goal line tech now. its evolution of the sport. doesnt mean its for the best.

Linwelin3110d ago

Bribes are part of the game too, camera tech would eliminate that.

yezz3110d ago


That doesn't make any sense. Those other camera checks would most definitely break the flow of the game. Ice hockey has had the goal check for ages but hasn't pushed any other technologies. Why would football suddenly do it. I'm not asking for any other kind of cameras but situations like the Lampard goal in WC 2010 need to be right calls...

KingPin3110d ago

you mean the same match where England lost 4-0? coz that one goal made all the difference to the match.
can you point out any other goal-line goal wrongly officiated in the last decade where it made a huge difference? i can only think of 2. the liverpool ghost goal and the chelsea/barca UCL match where the ref and linesman ruled everything in barca favour regardless.

however im sure you'd agree that wrongly allowed penalties and offside goals are much more frequent. so why not work on that instead?

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Jonnyquest3213110d ago

Personally I like the drama of football, it would be mundane if every decision made by the refs was right. There are loads of matches that are boring but one wrong decision sparks it up and gets the crowd going, technology I feel will take that away. Also for goal line technology, there'll eventually be a case where a through ball is played to a player who is offside but the linesman doesn't see it, that player shoots it hits the bar and bounces just over the line and goal line technology says it's a goal. You can bet your ass the opposing manager after the game will call for video reviewing of offside decisions or laser tracking.

TLDR- I prefer it without the technology, even if that means once in a while my own team will have to face a ref getting a decision wrong.

windblowsagain3110d ago

Surprising. Should be mandatory.