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Highlights: EPL Arsenal 2 : 2 Swansea City 3/25/14

Bony 11′
Podolski 73′
Giroud 74
Flamini 90′ (og)

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asmith23063179d ago

Arsenal will be lucky to finish 4th on this form. Everton are breathing down their necks. After signing Ozil and wanting to sign more big names they are gonna have to get that 4th spot. Make or break time for Wenger if you ask me.

xX_Altair_Xx3178d ago

I think he'll win the FA cup and call it a day. Fergie was unusual for staying at Utd for so long - i dont expect Wenger to do the same. He probably sees that trying to compete with the spending of City and Chelsea (and possibly Utd if we believe them) is a losing battle long term. Fergie saw this and jumped ship.