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Ibrahimovic: I'll watch my amazing goals on the internet when I retire

GOAL - The PSG star claims his "exceptional" scoring feats are a matter of instinct and says Taekwondo training may be at the heart of his success

Zlatan Ibrahimovic claims he will sit back and watch his best goals on the internet when he retires - and says he will likely be amazed by what he sees.

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jak3y13oy3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

even i would!

I guess I have to just watch my amazing goals in Sunday league football in my head.. :L

seanpitt233169d ago

He is one of the best! I can remember when he beat England basically by himself.

barb_wire3169d ago

yeah, Sweden are so amazing..

so, how come he couldn't get them in the World Cup?

yezz3169d ago

Well, there was this guy named Ronaldo....

TheSaint3169d ago

Wasn't that a friendly? Not that England are much to write home about at the moment, friendly's get taken with a pinch of salt.

cell9893169d ago

he is good he is really good, but as long as there is Messi he will always be second best

S2Killinit3169d ago

hahaha IBRA amazes himself. love it.
seriously though, I would say he is just as good as Christiano Ronaldo. Although slightly different kind of player. Together they are the best players in my opinion.

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