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Highlights: Espanyol 0-1 Barcelona (La Liga - 29/03/2014)

0-1 Messi (Penalty) 76'

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xX_Altair_Xx3102d ago

I'm certain Neymar punched that onto the defender's hand. Not a penalty.

asmith23063102d ago

His hand was well up and it diverted the ball in his favour. Penalty.

wantedboys3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Neymar handled the ball before Javi López did

check the video

another win help from the ref nothing new here

asmith23063101d ago

@wanted, seen what you were talking about already. Looks like chest to me, but it's arguable. Close call. Giving a handball against Neymar there would have been harsh.

Stringerbell3102d ago

I thought Espanyol played rather well all things considered.

KingPin3101d ago

typical this season...barca struggle, ref gives em a penalty.

neymar had the same offence a split second before but instead the decision goes against espanyol.

asmith23063101d ago

Man, why are people saying when Barca struggle the ref helps? Bullsh!t. The above case is a debatable hand ball by Neymar, looks like chest to me, but it's a close call. Lopez's on the other hand is a definite peno, the refs don't have the benefit of replays. I bet you where shouting penalty when Ronaldo got touched outside the box at the Bernabeu and then dived into it. Take the goggles off and give the refs the benefit sometimes.

Scrivlar3101d ago

Sorry to be bias as a Madrid fan but it hurts to see every decision going Barca's way in the most crucial games of the season, we were ahead in the Clasico, Barca were dead. then 2 penalties later they have one hand on the league trophy. And yes Ronaldo was miles outside the box so ok that's 1 each 3-3 finish fair enough, but no there's a red card as well and now were all but dead with a very hard game against Sevilla away and Sociedad next.

very hard away game at Espanyol, Barca are struggling to find a way through, Neymar's arm hits the ball onto the defenders arm, the defenders arm was already there before the ball rapidly changed direction and suddenly Barca have all but won it depending on the last game. of the season.

I'm just distraught after the last 6 days this has been a disaster, and it's the fact Barca haven't done it by they're own merit it's been lucky ref decisions.

KingPin3101d ago

actually i wasnt shouting penalty. go see my comments with regard to that game.

as for neymars handball being debatable? really. lol maybe you the one that needs to take your goggles off. barca fans only see what they wanna see.

scrivlar pretty much covers the rest of it.

yezz3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )


Still complaining about the clasico? I must say that those situations should be changed to a yellow+penalty but while these rules stand they will be red+penalty. And it's not like Real hasn't had any help from the referee this season. For example the first Elche game, both Real goals came from referee being wrong. It's BS for all of us.

Maybe Ramos should consider getting rid of those clumsy challenges instead of complaining about the ref every time. He now keeps the La liga record with 19 red cards and the guy is what? 27 years old...

Nes_Daze3095d ago

Let's just go ahead and chop off Neymar's shoulder, funny that in today's game against Betis there's already Madrid fans saying that the handball called was not a handball, yet it was directly to the hand of the defender. Yet some said that there was a handball by Pique in the classico when he clearly had his arm and hand in.

So what is it? Sounds like most of you would make 5 wrong calls in favor of fairness to the game instead of 5 good calls that just so happen to favor one team.

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asmith23063101d ago

I'm not a Barca fan at all, check my comment history to confirm that. Bunch of divers.