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'If Barca win it's referees, if we lose the cycle's over' - Alves mocks criticism

The defender hit out at the anti-Blaugrana slant on officiating lately and claimed he would sign Diego Costa if he could bring on board any Atletico star

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Stringerbell3173d ago

Truth be told both Barcelona AND Madrid are favored in La Liga. Barcelona isn't really a victim, they've got plenty of favorable decisions that have gone their way...

KingPin3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

if they win it is the referees. if they lose (coz the referees don't help), it shows that they really not as strong as they were from 2009-2012.

awaits the disagrees. :)

this site has merely become a copy of
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seriously guys, is there no other source for football news?
BBC? sky? football365? soccernet?

Nes_Daze3172d ago

When Barca gets a "controversial" call in their favor, it is UEFALONA! Even if the other team also had a few calls in their favor. Nobody makes a big deal when other big teams get "helped" by the ref.

KingPin3172d ago

the problem is that barca gets more controversial calls than any other team.
if we had to count the number of times barca had calls in their favour against other big clubs, barcas list would be much longer.

the name UEFALONA didnt come about after 1 or 2 matches.

Nes_Daze3172d ago

How exactly do you know they get more controversial calls? Or is there more controversy involved when Barca gets a clear penalty or clear handball? At this point I would have to wonder if you even watched some of the Madrid games against other la liga teams. The name Uefalona went big when Chelsea lost to Barcelona in that semifinal. Even worse, that was like what? 5 years ago, pretty fresh considering how extensive football history is.

Recently, the only bad call I can remember against Barca is the penalty given to Messi for Demichelis' tackle outside the line. Otherwise, a ref being strict, or a ref making bad calls against both teams, and Barca winning, isn't winning with the help of the refs.

asmith23063172d ago

They have gotten more calls than any other team because in the last few years they have played 90% of their games just outside the opponents penalty area. Any team who does that is guarenteed to get a lot of calls, controversial or not.

yezz3172d ago


Yup. The team has one of the highest possession % in the world. This equals fouls and cards since the opposition gets frustrated and has to make extra amount of challenges...

There are suspicious calls everywhere. No one remembers 2010 Barca-Inter. No one even remembers Real vs Elche THIS season...

If people actually watched the Chelsea games that happened 2009 they could see both teams were badly refereed. There are still videos of those incidents. Abidal got a red card because Anelka tripped over his own legs and there should've also been few penalties for Barca in both legs. It's remembered this way because they went trough. If Chelsea would've won the bad referee calls against Barca might've raised some serious heat. But Barca won and now they're stuck with the UEFALONA badge.

asmith23063172d ago

The problem is the referees. How they don't pull people up for blatantly diving is beyond me. Not saying the players are right to take advantage but they sure do milk it.

yezz3172d ago

Referees have hard time seeing every dive since they only have that one fast look of the situation. But I think post match sanctions would slowly start to cure this disease we have. I can't believe it hasn't been even tested yet. Some people will take advantage of things if there is no sanctions :S

asmith23063171d ago

Completely agree. It must be very difficult for the officials. Easy for us to point to replays, etc. Post match sanctions should definitely be the way to go.