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Luis Suarez Might Be the Best Player in the World Right Now

BR: Has a team ever sat atop the Premier League at this stage of the season with so many question marks held against its title candidacy? Liverpool are two points clear in first place, with just six games left to play, yet so many continue to question whether Brendan Rodgers' side can actually win the title.

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Spiewie 3166d ago

I think he is the best striker in the world especially when he's partnered up with Sturridge they play so well.

Scrivlar3165d ago

Settle down. Messi and Ronaldo are the best.

asmith23063164d ago

When Liverpool are in the Champions League next year then we can start to judge Suarez properly. He is one hell of a player, but hasn't done it at the same level Messi has in the last few years.