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Highlights: Paris Saint Germain 3 : 1 Chelsea Champions League 02/04/14


1-0 Lavezzi 4'

1-1 Hazard (Penalty) 27'

2-1 David Luiz (Own Goal) 62'

3-1 Pastore 93'

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goku323593163d ago

PSG's incredible attack was just too much for us to handle. Compare that with our attack where we had to start a midfielder in the striker position... I can't see not conceding a goal back at the bridge, so I'm saying PSG will progress.

Calling it right now, PSG v. Real in the final.

Spiewie 3163d ago

Yeah Chelsea had their chances too. I might sound like a fan boy but PSG did not deserve the free kick leading to the OG. But after that OG Chelsea started playing really well for a while.

abzdine3162d ago

i like Chelsea but i have to admit as a football fan in general that PSG is superior everywhere.

RGB3163d ago

Didn't Spain win a major without fielding a forward? ;) Euro 2012 was it, Torres only coming on at the end?

xX_Altair_Xx3163d ago

That was with a midfield which had Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Silva etc. When you possess the ball most of the match you can afford not to have a striker as you will create chances anyway; if not then you get beat 3-1 by PSG.

RGB3163d ago

It was a joke, hence the ;).

No team could match the Spanish midfield in that final; Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Cesc and Silva.

TheSaint3162d ago

I can see Chelsea winning 2 - 0 at the Bridge.

That's not even a stretch.

TheSaint3157d ago

Looks like I called it.

monkeyDzoro3162d ago

PSG v RealM ? WTF are you talking about ?
Where did you put BayernM ? And Barça ?
Those two clubs are very likely to qualify for semifinals.

Barça has beaten RealM twice this season. And they can do it again, and Barça can also beat PSG from what I saw yesterday. BayernM can also beat very easily RealM.

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xX_Altair_Xx3163d ago

Who'd have thought Utd would be England's most likely semi-finalist?

Jose's paying the price for letting Lukaku go on loan.

krazykombatant3163d ago

hahaha, you draw on game and united fans get way wayyy ahead of themselves.

Mou is undefeated at the bridge. I expect chelsea to show up big.

Spiewie 3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Chelsea will get through they play fantstic football at the Bridge we just need to get rid of Torres xD

xX_Altair_Xx3163d ago

Mou can be undefeated if he wants to be - PSG dont exactly have to win to go through.

Spiewie 3163d ago

Hmm Man United has very small chances to win in Germany... yeah Lukaku would come in handy but I'd prefer to have Sturridge.

silvacrest3162d ago

sadly sturridge is long gone but we already own lukaku, he just needs a proper chances

give him as much time as torres had to prove himself and he will surpass torres goal scoring record at chelsea before half of the next season goes by

silvacrest3162d ago

to be honest i still fancy chelsea over united, playing bayern on their home turf wont be easy at all

while chelsea and jose have an immaculate record at the bridge

and yes, the sooner torres moves on the better, i cant believe hes performed this poorly and still starts before ba

Spiewie 3162d ago

Ba doesn't get much time on the field but eto scores some goals when mourinho plays him i'd also give salah more of a chance he's a great player.

krazykombatant3163d ago

I expect chelsea to respond to this but PSG are too good to be shutout.

PSG/Atleti/Real/ and who knows will go through.

asmith23063163d ago

PSG looked pretty average for large parts of that game. Chelsea are well capable of beating them 2-0.

Spiewie 3163d ago

I hope Chelsea wins 2-0 at Stamford Bridge.

Rossello3162d ago

if that was barcelona....everyone would be moning how hazard is a god. no way was that a penalty

Jonnyquest3213162d ago

1) It was Oscar.
2) It was a penalty. C+ for effort though.
I see Chelsea going out but winning at Stamford Bridge. 2-1 win = 4-3 loss