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Barcelona's formation is holding Neymar back, says Scolari

Goal - The Selecao boss feels the former Santos star has struggled at Camp Nou as a result of being played down the right

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KingPin3168d ago

tiki-taka isnt for neymar. brazil play more direct football which is what he is good at.
neymar should be played as an out and out striker.
but unfortunately for him the barca team is built to gain the max out of messi. neymar will forever be playing out of position as long as messi is in the team.

asmith23063168d ago

And so he should be, Messi is far better than him.

KingPin3168d ago

i agree messi is way better. but neymar isnt going to get any better playing in barca. he should rather move to another club where they play more his style and he is the main "big name" player. i think this is what scolari is afraid of, that neymar wont fulfill his true potential.

fictional example would be having messi in a team like man city where they dont play his style and then have him play as a holding midfielder and then wonder why he isn't performing to his potential of greatness. if you know what i mean.

another not so perfect example would be Lahm. Bayern plays his style of football but having him play midfield, he isnt as good when compared to him as a defender imo. then you have to ask would you rather have a great left wing back or a good left mid? same player, different position.

but yeah, no surprise why he went to barca. they are probably the best team in the world with a long history and he gets a chance to play with his idol (messi) so for him its a dream come true. and when you look at other teams, they just not as tempting. man united, liverpool, chelsea, arsenal, milan, juve, dortmund, psg, etc are all big clubs.

asmith23063168d ago

@KingPin: unfortunately for Neymar, with the price tag they paid, he won't be leaving Barca for a very long time. Not likely, but I would imagine Messi would be gone sooner from Barca than he would!

krazykombatant3167d ago

I disagree but not on the point that neymar is currently better than messi, however, neymar will struggle to grow in this barcelona as it is.

He made that mistake by going to them. He would have been better off going to the bundesliga, ligue 1, Serie A or Premier League. Messi is at his speak right now and until he starts to slow down Neymar won't grow to challenge for that crown.

Nes_Daze3167d ago

If they find the right manager and formation then they could make it work for both Neymar and Messi at the same time, no matter what style the team is playing, although I would like Barca to be more direct at times. I think they try to, but they're easily tempted to make 100 passes around the penalty area against 9 defenders, it just won't work, I find that Messi always wants to dribble the ball all the way to the net, it drives me insane!