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Highlights: Everton 3-0 Arsenal (EPL - 06/04/14)

1-0 Naismith 14'

2-0 Lukaku 34'

3-0 Mirallas 61'

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jak3y13oy2521d ago

Wow, what a difference it can make in a couple of games!

Arsenal could be playing in the Europa League next season!

xX_Altair_Xx2521d ago

I think this could be the end of Wenger if he doesnt get top 4 this season. Ironically i think Martinez could be the man to replace him.

asmith23062521d ago

Arsenal look hopeless at the moment. Everton completely outplayed them. I have backed Wenger for years but I'm starting to doubt him now.

Jonnyquest3212521d ago

It's like groundhog day with Arsenal, the crumble is always expected no matter how in form they are, and the crumble seems to be hitting harder each year. Why do they always get injuries to their key players? Something is definitely amiss in training, every player that leaves Arsenal mentions how soft it is. Why did they only sign an injured Kalltstrom when they were top in January? Especially when it was evident that Giroud quite frankly isn't a title winning striker. Wenger should leave this year if (as expected) they win the fa cup, he should leave on a relative high before his reputation and legacy are tarnished too much

TheSaint2520d ago

About a month ago I thought they might win it. Gotta love football.

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