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Highlights: Champions League - Bayern 3-1 Man. United 4/9/14

Bayern advance on aggregate 4-2

Evra 57
Mandžukić 59
Robben 76

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xX_Altair_Xx3157d ago

Season over by early April...Moyes must surely be sacked now. I would not trust this guy with £200m.

Annoyingly Utd actually had the better chances over both ties and still only 2 defenders could get the goals. Will be a long time before we see CL again with this guy at the helm.

krazykombatant3157d ago

you're joking, united played well considering the squad and the quality of the opposition.

No shame in the defeat today and if anything Moyes should be allowed one more season at the helm.

goku323593157d ago

I agree. From what I hear united did rather well except for the last 20 minutes

ngecenk3157d ago

You'kidding, right? The first half is basically an offensive training for bayern, im sure the possion is 70-30 and shoot attempt is 9-1. They used 8 defenders in the penalty box except wellbeck and rooney. Their strategy is awful and the team spirit is dead.

xX_Altair_Xx3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

A guy who finishes 7th should be allowed more time? The Utd team isnt that bad, certainly has more quality than Everton, Arsenal and Liverpool all of whom are ahead of Utd in the table.

If your going to play negative tactics then you have to win (like Di Matteo did). What's the point in having 9 defenders and still getting beat? You might as well do what Dortmund did and play and go out anyway.

Also, he's spent £70m already and there has been no tangible improvement in the team, so my point still stands that this guy cannot be trusted with £200m.

krazykombatant3157d ago

"the Utd team isn't that bad"

Look at the table, yes it is.

You have no centerbacks and no midfield.

SAF, almost lost his job because Utd. almost got relegated. Stop talking about football if you don't know anything about it.

Did moyes make mistakes in buying the likes of Fellaini!? yes yes he did becaues Fellaini is not Utd. callibre player.

However, I believe if Utd. carry on playing with this spirit for the remainder of the season, they can finish 6th on the table.

Everton have lots of solid young players who are hungry. You can't compare that to players who have won it all and aren't hungry enough to compete.

One more season, if this happens again. You can sack him.

xX_Altair_Xx3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

Lol - you clearly dont know anything about football if you think the Utd team is so bad it should be in 7th.

Rooney, Mata, RVP, De Gea, Adnan - are you telling me that a team with these players should be behind Everton? Lol.

"You can't compare that to players who have won it all and aren't hungry enough to compete." - you're right, because Bayern, Barca and Real players who have won it all are also worse than Everton. Get back to your Xbone and let the real football fans make real points.

"One more season, if this happens again. You can sack him." - Does the new manager also get the benefit of a £200m transfer budget after Moyes blows his kitty and still fails?

Real, Barca, Bayern, City, PSG, Chelsea all changed manager over the summer - why is it only Utd who have struggled so badly? Because they appointed a mediocre manager.

asmith23063156d ago

Funny, they won the league last year with the same defence and midfield and as for "Stop talking about football if you don't know anything about it.", pot calling kettle black there.

KingPin3157d ago

takes the lead and loses it in 22 seconds. WTF!!
if they held the lead for a longer, it might have been a different game. but they were outplayed by bayern for the most part so in the end the better team went through. lets be honest, when we all seen this tie we all expected a hiding worse than what bayern gave barca.

asmith23063157d ago

Nice goal from Evra but his terrible defending led to Bayern's first two goals. Oh well, I'm still loving it!

silvacrest3157d ago

This was the expected result, what I'm wondering now is how long until united see CL football again? Could be quite a while

asmith23063157d ago

If Moyes stays it's going to be years.

jak3y13oy3157d ago

ah i thought my double was coming in for a second there :(

oh well, no one was expecting us to beat them but we did have to make them fight for their semi final place!

A year with no Europe football should be good for us, to help us rebuild and concentrate more on the Premier League!

We will rise again!

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