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UEFA Champions League Semi Final Draw

Semi Final 1: Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich
Semi Final 2: Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

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krazykombatant2516d ago

Bring on Bayern!! HALA MADRID!

KingPin2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

EDIT: have a feeling the winner from the madrid/bayern tie will win the UCL this season.

Linwelin2516d ago

Hmm, will the on loan Chelsea keeper be able to play in this ? since they loaned him to Athletico, and normally loaned players don't play against there team, though i have never seen this in champions league so does anyone know ?

krazykombatant2516d ago

UEFA have stated that the clause will not work, and Chelsea have also waived it.

theshredded2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Yes!Bayern got the weakest of the 3,Madrid is going down like everytime,they don't deserve anything those showoffs and overrated players.Real Madrid isn't good enough to win any Champions league cup,7 years in a row gone cupless with them overrated players

KingPin2516d ago

huh 7 years cupless?

i know its been 12 years without any european cups but they have won some cups in the last 7 years (2007-2014).
la liga in 07/08 and 11/12
copa del rey in 10/11
Supercopa de España (more like charity shield so dont think it qualifies but its silverware i suppose)in 2008 and 2012

i dont know maybe you confusing real madrid and arsenal lol but that couldn't be possible. they not even in the same league.

asmith23062515d ago

I think he means the Champions League. I'm sure Bayern will want to close in on Real's European Cup record while times are good for them.

krazykombatant2516d ago

lol plastic barca fans coming out of the woodwork.

asmith23062515d ago

I agree. Chelsea are tough as hell and Atletico are inspired this year. Dortmund came so close to knocking Real out, they were woeful.

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