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Highlights: Wigan 1-1 Arsenal (Pen 2-4) (FA - Semi Final - 12/04/14)

1-0 Jordi Gomez (Penalty) 62'

1-1 Mertesacker 82'

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Spontogical2746d ago

hit the post twice..

saved 3 penalties

got lucky....right..

Scrivlar2746d ago

They were absolutely shite against a championship side..

Spontogical2746d ago

The same championship side that beat Man City to win the FA Cup last season..

The same championship side that took part in the UEFA cup this season..

The same championship side that knocked out Man City again in this season's FA Cup.. hmmm

krazykombatant2746d ago

still doesn't change the fact that its a championship side.

TheSaint2745d ago

So you're saying anyone that wins a pen shootout doesn't get lucky at some point? Lol, ok.

Also, they were held by a Championship side that isn't even in the automatic promotion spots. If they couldn't put them away in 120 minuted then there is a problem.

Don't try to make yourself feel better about almost being beaten by a relatively poor team.

Like I said, they got lucky.

Spontogical2745d ago

Yeah it was a problem that they struggled to beat them in 120 minutes.. but where is the 'luck'...

did the referee make questionable decisions in favour of Arsenal? I don't recall. Was it luck that enabled the goal keeper to save 3 penalties...

just give credit where it's due. Yeah it was a crap game, but penalties are a part of football that you have to practice on... too bad, Wigan didn't practice.

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xX_Altair_Xx2746d ago

It really shouldnt be that difficult against a Championship side. At least they can now win two trophies (though Everton are now 4th place).

windblowsagain2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I wouldn't say they got lucky.

Wigan did nothing tbh, Arsenal have lost their confidence from big games.

They need some new players to inject pace into their game.

And a top striker.

They deserved the win.

The penalty might not have been given in some games, he was already stretching and would never have got the ball. But a silly tackle anyway

imtiyaz62746d ago

I don't care if we need penalties again to beat Sheffield or Hull, I'd be more than happy to win the FA cup. We need a trophy

asmith23062746d ago

Yeah, at the end of the day people are only going to remember the trophy, who cares who you beat to win it.