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Messi refused to run because he hates playing on the wing - former Barcelona coach

Goal - Radomir Antic has told Goal that the little Argentine's lack of effort in the European exit to Atletico was due to him being fielded in a position that he dislikes

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KingPin3039d ago

i read this article.
spoilt lil brat is the attitude that comes off here.

"oh i dont wanna play on the wing. but il show you, il do just that." *sulk sulk* "to hell with helping my team. im bigger than this team and they should know it. il show them" *sulk sulk*

6.5km the entire game....ridiculous for a winger.

yezz3038d ago

Well he is not a winger anymore.. Guardiola moved him to the center so he could be more involved in the game and as he didn't have to run so much anymore, he could last the whole season. While 6.5km is low even for his standards there is clearly something wrong in the team at the moment. It's not just Messi.

I think it's just a stupid idea to "force play" Messi as a winger if he doesn't want to play there. You don't force Ronaldo or Ribery to play as a CAM...

pompombrum3038d ago

Too true, I don't know what Martino was thinking playing Messi out wide and Fabregas through the middle.

pompombrum3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

It's hardly a revelation that Messi doesn't run much. As talented as he is, he's been like this almost always, definitely more so since Martino took over. It's cringe worthy at times seeing the nine outfield players of Barcelona running their legs off for the team and then Messi just taking a leisurely stroll only ever coming to life when he wants the ball. Hopefully whoever Barcelona get to replace Martino, will force Messi to actually work for the team.

gunnerforlife3038d ago

""Van Gaal insisted on playing the Brazilian on the left wing against his will - despite his preference to be deployed centrally - leading to a strained relationship between the two."" are really funny sometimes! WTFFF

and on messi, he has always been like this,unless he has the ball at his feet he never does much to begin with. that needs to change if barca are to become a force again.