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Usain Bolt 'dreams' of scoring Bale goal

World record 100m sprinter Usain Bolt has added to the praise for Gareth Bale, declaring the Welshman as the fastest footballer in the world.

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Sandmano2509d ago

I dont think hes the fastest bartra is not a good measure.

TheSaint2508d ago

I think if the fastest man on the planet says someone is quick, we should probably listen.

jak3y13oy2508d ago

bale clocked in at 26.8mph which is faster than bolt in the 100m.

asmith23062508d ago

I've always wondered who is quicker, Bale or Ronaldo. We know Bale is a flyer ever since he scored that hat trick for Spurs against Inter at the San Siro, and he did it again on Wednesday. But then again Ronaldo ran 96 metres in 10 seconds, Would like to see a sprint between the two of them. Sure throw Bolt in as well for the laugh!