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Highlights: Liverpool 3-2 Norwich City (Premier League - 20/04/2014)

0-1 Sterling 4'
0-2 Suarez 11'
1-2 Hooper 54'
1-3 Sterling 62'
2-3 Snodgrass 77'

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Sandmano2510d ago

Great performance by raheem sterling

jak3y13oy2510d ago

Norwich gave them a scare at the end there!

Sandmano2510d ago

their feeling the pressure I think they will at least lose one of their final games

jak3y13oy2510d ago

if so, it will be against Chelsea

asmith23062509d ago

Liverpool have dug in and held on in all their games lately, great team effort there. Next week against Chelsea should be a cracker. I'll be going to the pub for that one!

Sandmano2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

If they lose and city win all their remaining games city would win the league.

asmith23062509d ago

City still have to go to Everton, no easy task either.

sourav932509d ago

Wrong. If Liverpool lose against Chelsea, and win the rest of the games, with City winning all their remaining games, then the title will be decided on GD, since both Liverpool and Man City will have 86 points.

Football-Soccer2509d ago

Liverpool are clear favorites now

Jonnyquest3212509d ago

@Sourav, he knows that. He's just saying City would win the league because as it stands their goal difference is better than Liverpool's