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Highlights: EPL - Everton 2-0 Manchester United 4/20/14

Baines 28′ (pen)
Mirallas 43′

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Stringerbell3079d ago

Everton keeping pace with Arsenal for fourth.

xX_Altair_Xx3079d ago

Time for Moyes to go. People should stop making excuses. Martinez spoke sense before the match in saying that Utd's squad is stronger than most in the EPL, especially Everton's. There is no excuse for finishing outside the top 4.

krazykombatant3079d ago

people still saying the Utd. squad is stronger than most of the EPL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the only reason ManU won last season was in part because most of the teams were entirely inconsistent or has everyone forgotten that??

secondly, SAF knew these players very well.

However, Moyes dropped the ball like an idiot when he bought fellaini.

He'll get another season as is expected, however, the next one is make or break for Moyes.

xX_Altair_Xx3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

You gave no reasons as to why the Utd team isnt stronger than most.

Mata cost more than the entire Everton team, Chelsea's average age is actually higher than Utd's so there goes the excuse that Utd team is 'old' and 'passed it', Utd's attacking line is one of the strongest in Europe - any manager would kill for a line of Mata, Rooney, RVP; the best GK in the league.

Utd's starting 11 is definitely better than those directly above them (Everton, Spurs and Arsenal).

The argument about other teams being 'inconsistent' last season goes out of the window when you consider that most of the teams (other than Utd and LFC!)actually have roughly the same amount of points they did last year and the years before. Unless the champion always wins because the other teams are 'incosistent'???

Bayern, Chelsea, City, PSG, Real, Barca all changed manager in the summer - why is it that only Utd have suffered so badly? It's because they appointed a mediocre manager.

asmith23063079d ago

Sorry, but I gotta agree with Altair here, Moyes is clown. Utd wouldn't be in this position if a top class manager like Pep, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Klopp, etc. got the job. I even reckon Benitez would have done better.

krazykombatant3078d ago

The Utd. squad clearly isn't better than everton if they got done 2-0..... -_-

Truee enough @asmith but like I said moyes bought the wrong players, if you had a pep or ancelotti at ManU they would have brought in top talent.

xX_Altair_Xx3078d ago

You can't take one result and use it as a general argument. Otherwise Bradford are better than Arsenal as they beat them over two legs; Sunderland are better than Chelsea... - you can on and on.

Look at it objectively - if you had to bet which team would finish in the top 4, it's no contest. Utd have individual brilliance in the likes of Mata, Rooney, Rvp that Everton clearly dont possess.

jak3y13oy3079d ago

I knew that United weren't gonna have a good first season as soon as SAF announced his retirement.

Have to admit this season the top teams have been very consistent and it has made us look worse but that's no excuse though.

Now with if Pep, Mou etc was the manager, sure we would probably be in a better position but I still think that we would of had a bad season.
We had SAF for 26 years. Chelsea City etc have had constant managerial changes. It was a complete change to Utd and its gonna take time to adapt.

Is Moyes the one?
I'm not judging him for the first season as it was always was gonna be hard.
Next season as krazykombat said 'the next season is make or break for Moyes'

We will rise again!

KingPin3078d ago

next season is make or break for moyes.
without european football i wonder what type of quality players he is going to sign. more fellanis? do you honestly think we gonna get proper high calibre players without over paying for them? doubt it.

if they give moyes 200 million it will be the biggest mistake ever. coz not only will he buy sub-par players but once he's sacked, the new manager wont have any money to spend and will have to use moyes purchases.

even if he didnt win anything this season and finished in the top 4, fans would still be behind him.