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Liverpool Qualify for 2014-15 Champions League

Although Brendan Rodgers' side are on the brink of capturing this year's Premier League title, supporters will be pleased to see an official confirmation of entry into next season's elite European competition.

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jak3y13oy3144d ago

welcome back!

United just got bored of being in the CL, yeah that's it, that's why we had our 'bad' season ;)

MajorLazer3144d ago

Agreed. We decided to let others have a chance from our 20+ years of domination

Spontogical3144d ago

Lovely to see you scousers back in the UCL! You've been sorely missed! :)

Now bring back the title to Anfield guys. As an Arsenal fan, I really hope the next 5-10 years will be Liverpool/Arsenal domination like it was in 89-91 :p

hkgamer3143d ago

I'm a Liverpool fan. I think having Liverpool/Arsenal win a trophy once every 2-3 years is a success let alone domination >.<

silvacrest3144d ago

the way liverpool are playing right now, it will be interesting to see how well they do in the CL

asmith23063143d ago

I agree. They need a bit more depth to their squad but if they bulk up in the summer they should be amongst the favourites for next years Champions League if you ask me. I don't know any defense that could cope with Liverpool's attack at the moment; never thought I would say that!