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Suarez edges further clear of Ronaldo in European Golden Shoe race With Real Madrid not in action, the Uruguayan pulled one more goal ahead after scoring against Norwich, while Lionel Messi and Diego Costa closed the gap to the Portuguese.

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Spiewie 3079d ago

I still think Ronaldo is a better player overall...

KingPin3079d ago

CR7 has played 3 games less than suarez as well.

asmith23063077d ago

And Suarez missed a load of games at the start of the season. Would probably be clear by a margin if not for that.

KingPin3077d ago

lmfao asmith.
sometimes you make me laugh. seriously.

suarez missed a load of games in the season yet has played more league games than CR7.

if suarez played all those missed games, all it means is that he would be clear by a bigger margin having played a lot more games.

sometimes your logic (or lack of) amazes me.


asmith23063077d ago

"all it means is that he would be clear by a bigger margin having played a lot more games." - well, yeah. Why do you take anything remotely resembling criticism of Ronaldo so seriously? Maybe it's because you are obsessed with him, as seen by you calling him CR7 at any mention of him. A fanboy's pet name.

But you can relax, I'm merely saying at this point in time Suarez would probably be out further ahead if he hadn't been suspended at the start of the season, regardless of games played. Seems logical to me.

KingPin3077d ago

lol calling me a fanboy when i keep typing CR7. riiiiight coz you expect me to type out "cristiano ronaldo" all the time? maybe i should keep it on my clipboard for future use and copy and paste it when needed. lol

i suppose im a ronaldinho fanboy too since i often refer to him as "the dinho" or the brazilian ronaldo which i refer to as R9. damn, must be a plastic fan since im a fanboy of so many legends. who knew. lol

aahhh the joys of the internet. smh.

asmith23063077d ago

I might be mistaken but is Ronaldo so hard to type? You must be seriously lazy. I don't see many people typing that, or LM10, or LS10, etc.

But no it's not just your pet names, it's your constant jumping into defense of anything remotely resembling criticism of Ronaldo. Wouldn't take a long look through your comments on this site to see that. You can stop your pathetic attempts to make light of that fact. Joys of the internet indeed!

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