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Highlights: EPL - Manchester City 3-1 West Bromwich Albion 4/21/14

Zabaleta 3′
Agüero 10′
Dorrans 16′
Demichelis 36′

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Stringerbell2739d ago

Hard to believe City are in the title race - their stadium was empty!

MajorLazer2739d ago

They have very few fans that were supporting them prior to 2008. The new fans (plastics) only started supporting them after 2008 and are far less likely to actually go watch a match

Stringerbell2739d ago

Yeah- I know West Brom isn't the biggest draw but for goodness sake - its do or die the season is almost over!

KennersEd2739d ago

You clearly don't know City, no fans til' 2008? Are you kidding me? I'm a City fan and that tbh is actually insulting,
No fans yet we used to fill maine road back in league 2 and we even hold the record for highest attendance in England, 83,000 (give or take) for an Fa Cup final against Stoke. I wonder who you support and where you're actually from?

KazumaKiryu2738d ago

That west brom goal was quality. Aguero's was good as well.