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Manchester United sack David Moyes

The Scot oversaw the club's worst campaign in the Premier League era and missed out on Champions League qualification, and leaves Old Trafford just a season into his six-year deal.

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Stringerbell3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

He had a good thing going with Everton, should have stayed there...

Jonnyquest3213033d ago

They have a better thing now

badz1493032d ago

how can you say "better"? Everton pretty much is still at their same position they have been years ago under Martinez but this time around, they are above United because United screwed up. "better" would be if Everton is actually fighting for the top spot, which they are not!

silvacrest3032d ago


as far as i can tell, this is the best shot everton have had at reaching top 4 in some time

xX_Altair_Xx3033d ago

Finally! He should've been sacked back in January when Utd still had a chance of finishing in the top 4. How can you spend £70m and make the champions WORSE?!

Any new manager must be licking his lips - one of the most prestigious jobs in football but because of Moyes' failure the expectations will be such that finishing in the top 4 will be seen as success.

Stringerbell3033d ago

Yeah wonder who's going to get the role. Bookies have Klopp & Van Gaal leading the pack...

xX_Altair_Xx3033d ago

I hope it's Klopp - young and progressive. Can bring in some great German talent like Kroos, Reus, Hummels etc.

Yi-Long3033d ago

If it's Van Gaal, there will be some fireworks. Not the good kind.

I don't see Ferguson and Van Gaal together over a longer period of time without there being some huge fights.

Sahil3033d ago

Can we have a minute applause this weekend to show our support?

jak3y13oy3033d ago

from United fans or from the top 6 clubs? :L

jak3y13oy3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

At least give him a season, i know we have 4 games left (which we could pull 12 points and get 69 points!) no disrespect to giggsy but we will now have much poorer results as the team morale will be lower etc.

Even for Van Gaal/Klopp it will be big shoes to fill.

Okay fellaini was a flop, he doesn't fit in with the team like he did with Everton, Mata best signing, Moyes just didn't put him in the right position.

Also i would like to point out that this season has been a surprising season, a lot of the top teams have been so consistent and have a lot of points, 4th 5th 6th have got more points already than last seasons.

Perhaps it was a bad season to change.

Good luck to Moyes in the future.

Just saw this:

22nd April 2013
Man United: 1st, 84 points - Champions
Liverpool: 7th, 51 points
22nd April 2014
Liverpool: 1st, 80 points
Man United: 7th, 57 points - No Manager

KingPin3033d ago

actually team morale might go up.

giggs will tell all the players that now they need to prove to the world the coach was at fault and not the players. they can only accomplish this by winning the remaining games. lets be honest, if they win the next four games we will all be saying moyes was indeed the problem and we wont blame any of the current players for such poor performances this season.

as for the new coach, doubt klopp will leave dortmund. thats his baby right there. lol van gaal is a maybe but he will have to have his space to do what he does not have SAF in his face constantly questioning. but by the way united fell this season i have a feeling SAF gave moyes his space to do what he does.

the only thing counting for coming to coach united is the 150 million ready and waiting to rebuild the team to the coaches liking. so with that it might not be all doom and gloom and we can still get a big name manager.

just gonna have to wait and see i guess.

hkgamer3033d ago

Sad news for fans of teams from top 6.

Now Man U would need to find a replacement for record breaking Moyes. Who would be the best replacement?

Tim Sherwood?

Joking aside, I do think that Moyes was given an ageing team and none of them look like they are playing a competitive football match. I guess if Moyes finished 5/6th he would have given another season but this season was disgraceful. Old trafford was made into a joke.

Jonnyquest3213033d ago

Benitez and AVB don't belong on a list with Sherwood, especially Benitez