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Manchester United must appoint a proven winner like Van Gaal after Moyes disaster The Red Devils must bring in a manager with experience of winning the biggest titles after a stuttering season under the former Everton boss that ultimately led to his sacking.

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Spiewie 3142d ago

Well because Klopp isn't going to leave Borussia...

Yi-Long3142d ago

Van Gaal and Ferguson would probably be at eachothers throats in no time...

Spiewie 3142d ago

Possibly but I don't think Ferguson would mind winning some games.

xX_Altair_Xx3142d ago

Na, Fergie wouldnt interfere with whats going on at that level. Look at it this way - he didnt get involved when the club/players really needed him (ie Moyes' disastrous 10 months), so why would he get involved with a successful manager who will most likely deliver?

He wouldnt be appointed if the club thought van Gaal would clash with the directors. That's partly why they overlooked Jose. He fell out with everyone at Real, including some of those above him.