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Wenger ready to quit if Arsenal do not meet his targets

The Gunners manager is considering ending his 18-year reign if his team do not finish in the top four of the Premier League and win the FA Cup in the final month of the season

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asmith23063144d ago

I have liked and supported Wenger for a long time, but his reign is coming to an end if you ask me. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes with so many of their star players getting injured at crucial points year in year out. If he can fix that I reckon he could stay a bit longer, because he definitely has it in him to manage a fully fit Arsenal squad to some trophies. The problem is keeping them fit, always ruins Arsenal.

Yi-Long3143d ago

TBH, the injuries IS a problem, but it's PART of the problem. Main problem for me, with Wenger, is that I feel he's tactically very very weak.

I admire him for his views on positive attacking football and young talent and raising them up, but purely on a tactical level, he hardly ever delivers.

He has 1 plan, Plan A, and when that doesn't work, there normally isn't a Plan B. Or it's worse than Plan A.

Also, he's too scared to bring in footballers with real personalities. Who want to WIN. He brings in 'bland' footballers (personality-wise) who are good when everything goes well, but when stuff gets tough or rough, they cave in completely and become invisible. There are no ' winners' in the team. No players that can pick up the whole squad and lead them on, to fight, to victory.