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FA charges Chelsea trio Mourinho, Ramires and Rui Faria The Blues boss and his assistant are accused of misconduct while the Brazilian midfielder may miss the rest of the Premier League season for appearing to strike Sebastian Larsson.

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goku323593138d ago

This sums it up perfectly: "FA shot themselves in the foot yet again - by saying Mourinho was being sarcastic, they are saying Mike Dean had an awful game - that's their opinion and Mourinho can't be charged for congratulating the ref."

Yi-Long3137d ago

I loved Mourinho's sarcastic remarks. I know many here will disagree, but seriously, they want the managers to do a post-match interview, but every time a coach honestly speaks his mind about the refereeing, the FA gets upset and says they can't speak out against the referees like that.

It's ridiculous. Either allow the coaches to give their fair opinion, or simply don't bother with letting them have that post-match interview.

Mourinho wasn't satisfied with the officials. That's ok. He can't go out and say he thought they were crap, yet he has to say something. So he goes sarcastic.

As long as officials have such a HUGE influence on the outcome of games, and on the outcome of competitions, coaches are very much entitled to give their views on their role on the outcome.

The FA, and football in general, should just finally make the game as fair as possible, and allow video-footage to be used by the officials, to make the right calls. That's the only way to make the game fair, and to stop 90% of the criticisms aimed at the officials, which often IS justified criticism.

In this case, Mourinho was right that Dean was terrible, but Dean's biggest fault was not sending Ramires off after that clear intended elbow, so that mistake went in Chelsea's favour.